Youtube Blue APK

Download the latest version of Youtube Blue from the official website. The download link of the application is provided below.

Version – 14.21.54 | Size – 125 MB


Youtube Blue is one of the most popular entertainment platforms. It offers a vast range of content, whether for knowledge or entertainment purposes. This app has helped numerous people, especially content creators who can earn money through it. As the world’s number one platform for earning money online, Youtube has a significant influence.

However, Youtube also has some drawbacks. Watching ads can be irritating, but you can take the premium subscription to get relief from these ads.

To enjoy Youtube’s premium services without paying any amount, you can download Youtube Blue from this website. It offers premium features and many more features for free, making it easy and comfortable to use.

About Youtube Blue Apk

18.02.33 (★★★★★)

Youtube Blue is the best way to explore and surf your interests on Youtube effortlessly. While other apps like this provide a modded version of Youtube, they are often unsafe or have fewer features. Unlike others, Youtube Blue provides trust to its users. Once you use this app, you can easily find everything you need on Youtube.

  • Background Play
  • No Ads
  • Beautiful Blue Theme
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Blue Theme

Tired of the same old official color scheme on Youtube? Spice up your viewing experience by downloading Youtube Blue apk, which offers a unique blue color theme. This calming color promotes relaxation of the mind, resulting in a more enjoyable viewing experience. Try out this fresh, new theme to make your Youtube more interesting and fun!

Background Play

With the YouTube Blue app, you can play any video in the background and enjoy uninterrupted listening and viewing pleasure. Normally, YouTube officials only offer this feature to subscribers who pay a fee, but with YouTube Blue, you can experience it for free! Plus, with YouTube Blue, you can even play videos with your screen off, saving battery life and allowing you to multi-task without interruptions.

Download Videos

With YouTube Blue, you can take your favorite videos with you wherever you go! Our app allows you to download any video you like, so you can enjoy it even when you’re offline. It’s easy – simply look for the download option on the screen where you’re watching the video, click the button, and voila! Your video will be saved in your device’s gallery.

Use as Secondary Youtube

Looking for a way to get more out of your YouTube experience? With this youtube blue, you can do just that! Not only can you use this app as a secondary YouTube, running it alongside the official app on your device, but you can also create and upload videos on the official app while watching videos on our blue youtube at the same time! It’s the ultimate multitasking experience for YouTube lovers.

Supports MicroG

Youtube Blue also supports microG. Once you log in to your Youtube account, you can easily access all the videos related to your niche. Upon logging in, you’ll be able to view your liked videos, subscribed channels, and much more.

Premium Badging

Additionally, with Youtube Blue, you’ll notice a Youtube badge at the top of your screen, giving your homepage the appearance of a premium, subscribed account. This feature provides a sleek, premium member outlook to enhance your overall Youtube experience.

No Ads

Tired of pesky ads interrupting your video-watching experience on the official app? Say goodbye to those annoying ads with this modded app! With this powerful tool, you can block all ads and start watching your favorite videos without any interruptions. Enjoy your videos the way they were meant to be watched – ad-free and hassle-free! Download the Blue Youtube now and experience the ultimate video-watching experience, without the annoyance of ads!


Nowadays, many YouTube creators include short sponsorship clips within their content, which may be viewed as annoying to some users. However, with Youtube Blue, this feature can easily be blocked, allowing for a more uninterrupted viewing experience.

Auto Repeat

In addition, with this modded apk, you can enjoy the convenience of playing videos on loop. Simply navigate to the settings option within the app and enable the loop feature. Once enabled, you can play videos on loop until you manually turn off this setting.

Hide Creator’s Watermark

Another great feature of Youtube Blue is the ability to hide the creator’s watermark when downloading a video. Once this feature is enabled within the Apk’s settings, downloaded videos will not display any watermark. Enjoy your downloaded content without any distracting watermarks!

Disable Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts can easily consume a significant amount of a user’s time without them even realizing it. However, with Youtube Blue, you can take control of your viewing experience with the ability to disable Youtube Shorts. This helpful feature allows users to save time and avoid the addictive nature of these short videos.

Return Youtube Dislike

Youtube Blue also offers a simple and easy-to-use feature that allows users to dislike any video with ease. By enabling this feature in the app’s settings, you can easily control your viewing experience with just a few clicks. Take control of your content and express your opinion with the user-friendly dislike feature.

Amazing Swipe Controls

This is a premium feature found in the official Youtube Apk, but now it’s available in the modified version as well. With Youtube Blue, adjusting your screen brightness while watching a video has never been easier. Simply slide up or down on the left side of the screen, and to adjust volume, slide up or down on the right side. Take advantage of this convenient feature to enhance your viewing experience even further.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is an essential feature that not only enhances your viewing experience but also protects your eyesight. By enabling dark mode in Youtube Blue, you can watch videos at night without straining your eyes. This feature provides a black background, further reducing eye strain and promoting a more comfortable viewing experience.

Watch Restricted Content

Youtube Blue also offers unrestricted access to content that may be restricted in your country, as well as removing age limitations. This means that you can enjoy any video on Youtube without any restrictions or limitations, providing you with a truly unparalleled viewing experience.

Amazing UI

The user interface of Youtube Blue is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate, providing users with a seamless and hassle-free experience. You’ll find all the options you need in one convenient location, making it easy to access and utilize all the features and tools that this app has to offer.

Enable Debugging

Yet another extraordinary feature of Youtube Blue is its ability to notify users about errors that may occur while using the mod Apk. Whether it’s slow loading, playback issues, or bugs, the app will automatically notify you about any problems it may be experiencing. This proactive feature ensures a smoother, more enjoyable viewing experience for users.

Download Youtube Blue Latest Version 2023

NameYoutube Blue
MOD Info.Background Play, No Ads, Premium badge and more..
Size81.26 MB

How to Download and Install Youtube Blue Apk on Android?

  • First of all download the Yotube Blue APK from the link mentioned above in this article.
  • Now go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and enable it
  • Now go to the File manager and install the Youtube Blue by tapping on install button.
  • Wait Until your installation gets completed
  • Now click on the open button and Enjoy!

Youtube Vanced VS Youtube Blue

Youtube VancedYoutube Blue
You Can’t Disable “Youtube Shorts”You can disable “Youtube Shorts”
No Premium badgePremium badge on the header section of the Youtube Blue
Vanced can’t remove promotional adsIn youtube blue you can skip promotional advertisements
Can’t hide creator’s watermarkYou can remove creator’s watermark in this app
You can not Skip introductionYou can skip introduction clip in the video


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding YouTube Blue :

Rest assured that our downloads are completely safe and secure when accessed through the links on this website. While other websites may offer similar services, we can’t guarantee their safety. Protect your device and peace of mind by choosing our trusted source for downloads.

With our service, downloading your favorite videos and watching them later has never been easier! Simply choose the video you want, download it to your device, and it will automatically be saved to your gallery for easy access anytime, anywhere.

No, you can use this app freely, and it will never give you any lag or bug in your device.

It’s important to note that this APK is solely intended for entertainment purposes and does not allow for video creation. However, if you aspire to be a creator and earn income from your videos, we recommend utilizing YouTube’s official platform.

Yes this app includes all the premium features of youtube premium, you can use all the features of youtube premium at free of cost without paying any money.


In conclusion, Youtube Blue is a popular modified version of YouTube that offers premium features for free, such as playing videos in the background, enabling dark mode, and more. While there are many mods available, Youtube Blue stands out as a reliable and safe option for those who want to enjoy an enhanced YouTube experience. With its user-friendly interface and numerous features, Youtube Blue is definitely worth checking out for those who want to make the most out of their YouTube usage.